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    Add:No.8 Chang Qing Road,Zhou Zhuang,Jiang Yin,Jiang Su Province
    Tel:0510-68978696 68821800
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    Jiangyin DeGiTec Casting Co.,Ltd is located in the economically prospering Yangtze River Delta region at the edge of the Jiangyin Yangtze River where the transportation facilities are very convenient and which is rich in peripheral resources.
    The company is managed by a German expert team and has started its production in the first half year of 2012. The annual production capacity of handmolded castings made of ductile and grey iron in the first stage will be 20,000 Tons. 
    The foundry is a high quality focused company which integrates R&D,production and sales.Our modern casting technologies can not only minimize the casting defects,but also shorten the period of developing products.We are specialized in producing the components for injection molding machines, wind energy - wind turbines, rotor hubs, bearing housing as well as for machine tools plates.
    The foundry is installed with the following main excellent equipment:
    -2 medium frequency induction furnaces of 15t each
    -Continuous sand mixers with a performance up to 80 t/h
    -Regeneration installation for resin sand
    -Various cranes with a load capacity up to 100 t
    -Effective dedusting installation
    The production process is based on the German advanced casting technolody to ensure the quality of the produced castings and to satisfy the demands of our customers.
    We use advanced solidification simulation software MAGMA to provide our customer with professional and perfect technology. Rational supervision of the production process guarantees special high quality. Homogeneous structure and satisfying surface are the targets of our products.
    We have modern measurement and analysis devices,spectrometers,thermal analyzer and material testing devices.Each casting will undergo a thorough inspection before its delivery.
    We are concentrated on castings with a demanding molding and metellurgical process and respect the company philosophy and principles in order to satisfy the demands of our customers continuously.

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    Add:No.8 Chang Qing Road,Zhou Zhuang,Jiang Yin,Jiang Su Province P.C.:214423 Tel:0510-68978696 68821800 Fax:0510-68978696 蘇ICP備11091305號-1