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    West area will construct a precision foundry industrial park
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    West Zhongshan net news Zhongshan the area collective property management Limited company (Beijing) the Limited company cooperated the other day with Su the industrial science technology builds “Zhongshan to make the industrial garden precisely” the sign cooperation frame contract, the project total investment the approximately 2,000,000,000 Yuan.

    According to the west area introduced after the trade office that Zhongshan makes the industrial garden the core product is precisely “Su the precision casting technology”. This technical system present has succeeded for war industry groups and so on aviation, astronautics, weapon, CETC develops the fill blank the product technique of manufacture, the related cooperation already in the national electrical network, the China mechanical industrial group Limited company, China electronic information industry organizations and so on between group Limited company, Chinese Academy of Science, Hefei Industrial university launched. This Su industrial science technology (Beijing) the Limited company with the west area cooperation, the goal completes Su the precision casting technological industry demonstration base, makes one to serve the Zhujiang Delta high-end manufacturing industry general character technical support industry campus, west this project will speed further up the area and even the Zhongshan industry economy reforming promotion.

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