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    Hunan foundry industry realized a historical leap
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    Industrial base in Hunan Province, the development process of casting foundry industry is the Golden Harvest traditional industries, according to the International metal & plastic mold and person in charge of Industry Suppliers Association, Luo Baihui introduced the foundry industry in the Golden Harvest has 200 years of history, after the social changes and market baptism, along with China's economic reform and opening up and growing rise in the previous county, the county government's correct leadership and strong support of the Golden Harvest of the foundry industry showing bigger and bigger, more rapid and strong development momentum. Currently, within the total size of the casting Jiahe county more than 220 companies, 60 million tons of annual casting products, and more than 40 million yuan in taxes every year to maintain a 25% increment. In the Golden Harvest, production and processing in the foundry industry's labor force up to 8,000 officers, the foundry industry has become a Golden Harvest West that the largest reservoir of rural surplus labor force. In 2005, Golden Harvest brand cast of "casting Hunan", Hunan Province was named one of the top ten service brands.

    In recent years, casting characteristics of the county industrial park to develop and support the industry, the upgrading and expansion of the size, and built a 5.6 km2 foundry industrial park, the introduction of 50 enterprises, to promote the "southern cast are" construction and development. Golden Harvest foundry industry development and growth process of hard turns. Semi-industrial farming and traditional family-style workshop manual small-scale, low efficiency, only some of the daily production of products daily.

    With the deepening of reform and opening up, Golden Harvest's art foundry industry has made great progress, but also from the original foundry cottage gradually scale, standardization, management-oriented direction, males build machine, brother co-casting, Ray's casting, Wang Tak casting, heavy machinery and other companies are emerging. Golden Harvest production of casting products rich, large weighing several tons, only a few dozen grams of small, cast iron castings from a single extended to copper, aluminum, steel, deep nodular and other areas, the product contains the municipal engineering castings, pressure machine parts, woodworking machinery parts, electrical parts, construction machinery parts, glass, machinery parts, lathe parts, automobile, ship fittings eight series, hundreds of species, occupied the Guangdong, Guangxi, Shanghai and other major markets, by the casting company Golden Harvest the production of casting products, accounting for 70% of the Pearl River Delta region over the casting market share, some products into Hong Kong, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other international markets.

    February 2008, Jiahe County, Hunan Province People's Government was awarded the "foundry industry base in Hunan Province" title; September 2009, Golden Harvest China Foundry Association, the county has been identified as the "pilot counties China foundry industry cluster" title. Foundry industry to promote cluster development, the county, the county people's government issued a "foundry industry cluster development on the promotion of a number of opinions", the file identified Jiahe County foundry industry cluster development guiding ideology, development objectives, development priorities and support measures to create a industry cluster development policy platform.

    To grasp the county implementation of Document No. 6, deputy head of the military organization with Li key township enterprise development, casting the village chiefs and leaders in charge of the industrial economy of scale foundry business owners and representatives of the county held a forum to promote the development of foundry industry cluster, specific policies in the document exchange of views on the operational level, forming a consensus. Xiao Feng, deputy secretary of the county department heads led by the relevant counties and 18 casting foundry business owners to have a Chinese town, town car dies reputation of Hebei Botou study tours.

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