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    The foundry industry attaches importance to environmental protection and develops low-carbon technology
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    Botou is the Chinese Casting Association names “township of the Chinese casting”, existing casting enterprise 700, year productivity 300 ten thousand tons, the solid pattern casting accounts for the national output above 50%. However, the huge casting industry actually has the enterprise quantity to be many, the scale small, anti-risk ability is bad as well as partial enterprise technique of production backwardness, the ton casting energy consumption is high and the pollution is heavy and so on questions. Last year the whole city entire casting industry realized the sales revenue more than 90 hundred million Yuan, but paid taxes has more than 100,000,000 Yuan, the entire industry was very low to finance's technical progress factor. Regarding the international mold cooperates Secretary General the Luo hundred splendors to believe that Botou only then speeds up the transformation development way, the strict limit low-water equal output can the blind expansion, eliminates gradually falls the after-birth energy, the promoted energy conservation environmental protection's low-carbon casting technique, can realize the entire casting industry to raise the files promotion.   

    Recently, Botou has established "Botou Casting Profession Standards Condition Temporary provisions", to the enterprise layout, the enterprise size, the foundry technique, the casting equipment, the casting quality, the energy consumption and the energy conservation, the reject emissions and the government, the safety in production, supervised and manages 9 aspects to make the detailed standards to stipulate, prioritize complete set products and so on numerically-controlled machine tool, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, conveyor, realized from the casting to the part again to the production complete machine breakthrough, through the construction casting industry low-carbon development “the road map”, tried to make the green casting base.   

    The newly built casting project and the existing casting enterprise's scale request achieves: Casts the iron stock Production enterprise to yearly produce newly built can not be lower than 10,000 tons, the existing enterprise yearly produces can not be lower than 3000 tons, yearly produces to 2015 can not be lower than 7000 tons; The newly built steel casting Production enterprise yearly produces can not be lower than 6000 tons, the existing enterprise yearly produces can not be lower than 2000 tons, yearly produces to 2015 can not be lower than 5000 tons ......This year, Botou starts to apply "Casting Profession Standards Condition Temporary provisions", through carrying out “the standards condition”, the elimination does not have the economic production scale, falls the after-birth to be able the casting enterprise gradually.   Besides to the enterprise size strict request, they also to casting aspects and so on enterprise's craft equipment level, casting nature feeding engine quantity, energy consumption and energy conservation standard also proposed the standards request, the casting project may choose the resin reasonably from the hard granulated substance, V law casting, the evanishment mold casting, the metal mold casting and so on advanced modelling craft, eliminates the clay granulated substance to do the foundry technique gradually, forbids on the new project to use this backward craft. Requests the newly built casting project to have the consummation quality assurance system, the essential ball mill company's environmental protection facility, determines the casting and the original auxiliary material check-out facility fast. Before the existing enterprise 2012, eliminates the aluminum shell electric stove which clutches without magnetism, before 2015, eliminates the melt-off rate is smaller than 10 tons/hour furnace cupolas gradually. In order to encourage the enterprise to carry on the product to promote and to raise the craft equipment level and so on, the city finance invests 5,500,000 Yuan to set up “the industrial upgrading prize”, encourages the enterprise to strengthen the technical research and development, the brand packing, the management innovation, enhances the production files second-rate, and encourages in the solid reject quantity big enterprise to establish the casting reject centralism recycling, processing and the comprehensive utilization organization.   

    For guarantee casting profession standards “threshold” the effective execution, Botou has established the union appraisal system. The existing casting enterprise sends jointly by the city labor post office changes, the environmental protection, An Jian and the related department carries on the synthesis examination to it, examines and critiques qualified attains a designated standard the confirmation by the city labor post office. In aspects and so on enterprise size, foundry technique, foundry equipment, safety in production, environmental protection examine and critique the unqualified enterprise, by a set time carried on reorganizes and consummates, after reorganizing the deadline to finish, was still unqualified, under the related law, the laws and regulations, the policy to stipulate that carried on serious processing.   

    According to the Botou casting industrial development plan, the whole city casting enterprise will simplify to 2015 from 700 to 300, and prioritize precision casting and engine bed, wind electricity and so on major industry casting. "Casting Profession Standards Condition Temporary provisions" the implementation, will promote this plan powerfully realization.

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